9 steps to expand your networking visibility through volunteering

9 steps to expand your networking visibility through volunteering

If you are into volunteering outside your CSR&S functions and you also want to boost your network visibility, you will find these 9 steps very useful. Dr Ivan Misner from BNI, founder of one the largest business networking organisations, shares with us how to increase visibility through volunteering. Whether you read the transcript or listen to this interview podcast, surely it will give you another angle to view volunteering as a way of expanding you networking.

The following is only the synopsis of the interview. To access the entire piece or to download the podcast episode, please click on the source link included below.

Dr. Misner has recommended getting involved in service organisations since he wrote his very first book. Involvement in these groups expands the depth and breadth of your networking. In this episode, he thought he’d get more specific about how to decide which groups to get involved with. People who volunteer demonstrate their commitment to a cause without concern for personal gain, so you should be volunteering with organisations that you have genuine interest in and concern about. Volunteering is not a recreational activity: it’s a serious commitment. Here are 9 points to consider.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, and is there any connection to serving the community?
  2. What hobbies do you enjoy, and do they provide any opportunities for volunteering?
  3. What sports do you know well enough to coach or teach?
  4. What brings you joy and satisfaction?
  5. What social, political, or health issue are you passionate about?
  6. What are three organisations that you can identify that appeal to you? Choose the one that most appeals to you and research the group online.
  7. Will that group give you the opportunity to meet one of your professional or personal goals? Will you have an opportunity to connect with other people who will be supportive of your business?
  8. After visiting the group, do you still want to make a final commitment of your time?
  9. Are other group members satisfied with the organisation?

Source: BNI

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