What is the GoodBiz Blog

The GoodBiz Blog is a platform for like-minded individuals and organisations who are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Not-For-Profit sector in Australia and worldwide.

What we do

We want to boost our skills and capabilities so that our organisations do well, do good, and perform better. We have two main goals:

Connect with other like-minded people and keep up to date on matters that matter

Communicate and exchange our learning and best practices to mutually inspire us

Our Story

We believe we have the power to influence and contribute positively to our organisations so that they function and perform in the best possible way. One day, when discussing our concerns over the challenges we were facing, we realised that those were not unique and so we decided to put our heads together to come up with solutions. First, we drew up a list of the challenges that we found within our fields of action and determined their root causes and effects. We found that most of these challenges were linked by a vicious chain reaction.

We took those causes and listed a myriad of solutions; however, we decided to keep only achievable solutions that are truly feasible and that produce rippling outcomes. We discovered that those were also linked, but now by a virtuous chain reaction. We realised that we needed to take tangible action and make it happen! This is how the GoodBiz Network was born. Take a look at our conclusions and proposals and get involved now!

Vicious chain reaction (Tap to see challenges, causes and effects)

Virtuous chain reaction (Tap to see proposals, solutions and outcomes)