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Re-engage with Indigenous business suppliers

Re-engage with Indigenous business suppliers

Supplier Diversity September is here!

If your organisation is committed to procure products or services from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, this is something you want to be part of.

For the second time, Supply Nation (formerly known as Australian Indigenous Minority Suppliers Council, AIMSC), is organising their annual Supplier Diversity September campaign to educate the nation about supplier diversity.

Also referred as #SupplierDiversitySeptember, it is considered an easy, fun and rewarding way to re-energise our organisation’s supplier diversity efforts.

Supply Nation invites to take some time to engage or re-engage with Supply Nation’s corporate and government members, Certified Suppliers or Registered Businesses by participating in their innovative online campaign. What we are asked to do is to get involved by:

  • Referring a corporate or government member or Indigenous business to Supply Nation
  • Mentioning our involvement in our newsletter
  • Posting on social media about our engagement
  • Investing in our supplier diversity program
  • Re-engaging with a member or Indigenous business
  • Writing a blog for the #SupplierDiversitySeptember website.
  • Setting ourselves or someone else a Supplier Diversity challenge
  • Celebrating our wins

Supply Nation is the Australian leader in supplier diversity, established in 2009 to connect Australia’s leading brands and government with Indigenous businesses across the country. It holds a rigorous registration and certification processes to ensure their members can be confident of Indigenous ownership.

To fulfil targets in the Indigenous Procurement Policy, government has mandated that its buyers consult Indigenous Business Direct to access Indigenous businesses.

Supply Nation’s board is chaired by Leah Armstrong, former CEO of Reconciliation Australia and a member of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council.

Why is this so important? Well, as Reconciliation Australia states in their Module 5 called Diversifying your supply chain, of their Workplace Ready Program; including Indigenous businesses in our supply chain can bring great benefits. It can contribute to greater competition, achieve cost efficiency, increase speed of delivery and, very importantly, it demonstrates our genuine commitment.

Let’s engage or re-engage with our Indigenous business suppliers!

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3 thoughts on “Re-engage with Indigenous business suppliers

  1. Wow, such a great idea! And something I hadn’t really considered before. Purchasing from local Indigenous Suppliers would have both positive environmental AND social impacts. Something I will look into for sure!

  2. I also think it’s a good idea, however we should ALWAYS try to include Indigenous businesses is our supply chain, not only in September. Our contractor and suppliers are very committed, deliver on time and their quality is exceptional.

  3. Excellent campaign and excellent job on the Indigenous Business Direct listing. I’m certain this is result of a gigantic team work and collection of information that will make it easier for us to connect with certified Indigenous businesses.

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