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Ipsos Partners with Indigenous Peoples Specialist

Ipsos Partners with Indigenous Peoples Specialist

Global research company Ipsos announced a unique partnership with Indigenous communications and research company Winangali to jointly conduct market and social research studies including evaluation and community consultation and engagement.

The goal of the partnership is to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic participation and to help provide employment opportunities and business partnerships with Ipsos in Australia. Ipsos and Winangali have been working together on projects involving research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the past decade.

Winangali is one of Australia’s leading agencies in the highly specialised area of Indigenous communications and research. Winangali is involved with cultural awareness, Indigenous employment and recruitment, Indigenous partnerships, corporate social responsibility, Indigenous marketing and communications research.

Ipsos will provide access to research expertise as well as technological and infrastructure support for Winangali.

“This partnership formalises a great working heritage and I am delighted to announce the agreement with Winangali. Economic participation is an essential step towards improving life outcomes and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities in Australia.” Ipsos Australia and New Zealand CEO Hamish Munro said.

“Ipsos will be contributing to the partnership via initiatives such as a Reconciliation Action Plan, Indigenous supply chain initiatives and providing employment opportunities for staff of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.”

Winangali Managing Director Noel Niddrie said: “Through this partnership, Winangali is able to leverage a range of technological advances and methodological solutions that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for any small business to develop. As a result Winangali can now offer a more holistic, comprehensive and competitive service in the Australian market and social research industry.

“Our partnership with Ipsos enables Winangali to service the market on the same playing field as other large corporations. We have agreed that the market and social research services with methodology and deliverables which specifically relate to, or affect, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities requires cultural competency. The partnership with Winangali also enables Ipsos to service the market with ethically and culturally sound research practices.

“Significantly, this partnership will produce meaningful outcomes for Indigenous Australians and give real effect to the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Procurement Policy rather than just ‘black cladding’ a non-Indigenous company.”

To learn more, please go to the source: Ipsos


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